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Mason Bees


Blue Orchard Mason Bees are gentle, rarely sting and are easy to raise. They are one of the first emerging bees in spring, just in time to coincide with early blooming fruit and nut trees. These energetic little bees do not produce honey and do not swarm; they simply flit from flower to flower, gathering and distributing pollen. Hatching, pollinating, laying 30-35 eggs and dying all within 6-8 weeks in early spring through early June. These busy little bees do not live in hives, but are cavity nesting bees; meaning they want to place pollen and nectar into a hole and then lay an egg on that mass. Our Mason Bee homes and nesting tubes are an easy way to help these pollinators live on, making your garden more productive and beautiful every year.

Bees ship when ordered and are available through early February or while supplies last. Refrigerator storage and humidity is necessary until proper time for hatching in your area. Instructions included.

PLEASE READ: Not available to HI or Canada.

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Steps to Success
Raising Blue Orchard Mason Bees can be easy and rewarding. Mason bees will travel up to 300 feet for food before relocating to a new home, so place their home near their food source: fruit or nut trees, native flowering plants and any open-faced flowers. Harvest the cocoons in the fall and store them in the refrigerator, adding a cotton ball moistened with sugar water every few weeks to maintain proper humidity.