Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potato Plant Collection

Sweet Potato Plant Collection


90 Days. These unique sweet potato varieties will bring all new flavor and texture to your culinary creations. Includes two plant each of the following varieties:

O'Henry: Creamy-white interior is delicious and succulently moist. This tasty variety has the lavish texture of an orange/red tuber, but with a beautiful, pale interior and light-colored skin. Ideal for baking, stews, and soups.
Beauregard: The answer for gardeners in cooler growing conditions where other sweet potatoes won't normally prosper. This classic, red-skinned, orange-fleshed variety tolerates a range of growing conditions successfully, yielding large tubers that are moist and delicately sweet.
Purple: A gorgeous and extra nutritious addition to the varied range of sweet potato varieties. Purple, as its name implies, is bright purple outside with vibrant amethyst, tie-dye streaked flesh. Even when cooked, this brilliant coloring remains.

Sweet potato plants ship mid-April or mid-May. The plants are in 3 1/2 inch containers.

PLEASE READ: Only available to the contiguous US. Sorry, not available to CA, AK, HI, or Canada.

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2 plants of each, 6 plants total
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Ipomoea batatas Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin A. Although sweet potatoes and yams look alike, the yam is from a subtropical shrub that is native to Africa, while the sweet potato is from the American morning glory family.
CULTURE: Sweet potatoes should be planted in the garden when the weather has stabilized in late spring to early summer and nighttime temperatures are above 60°F. If the soil temperature is at least 55°F, plant the slips or plants directly in the garden. If the soil temperature is less than 55°F, plant slips in 4 inch pots and keep them (or the plants) in a warm location. At planting time, select an area in the garden that receives full sun and has well-drained soil. Rototill or fork in a 2 inch thick layer of compost and plenty of bone meal. Plant in a 12-20 inch deep trench and hill up the soil as the plants grow, being sure to keep at least 12 inches of the plant foliage exposed above the soil surface. Space 16-18 inches apart in the row. This method will greatly increase your yield. Water thoroughly about every 7-10 days. In shorter-seasoned areas, cover the bed with green or black plastic mulch on both sides of the trench, letting the plants peek out, and keeping the trench visible for effective watering. It is crucial that you mark your calendar to remember to slide these sheets of plastic mulch away from the plants in mid-August. If you don't, the moles, gophers, and voles may smell the growing potatoes and harvest them before you do! The longer you keep sweet potatoes in the ground, the bigger they get. Harvest prior to first frost. Complete growing instructions are included with your order.
DISEASES AND INSECTS: Not much of a problem in cooler climates. Contact your local county extension agent with specific questions.
HARVEST: After the weather cools in the fall, carefully loosen the soil around the roots. To cure, brush off the soil and place the sweet potatoes in a warm dry area for 8-10 days. After curing, handle carefully and store them at 50-60°F.

We sell sweet potato plants, known as slips, 12 per bunch. They are shipped Priority Mail directly from the growing fields, usually between mid-April and early June. We try to time their arrival with your growing season. Only available to the contiguous US. Sorry, not available to CA, AK, HI, or Canada.