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Predatory Nematodes

Predatory Nematodes


Works on soil dwelling pests! Steinernematid/Heterorhabditis mix.
Predatory nematodes attack soft-bodied, slow-moving insect pests. They do not affect earthworms or plants. They are the only biological control that works below the soil surface. Apply in a spray tank or fertilizer injection system when soil temperatures are above 55° F. One package of 1 million nematodes treats up to 3000 square feet. You may store the nematodes in a refrigerator for up to 1 month. Information sheet included in each package.

PLEASE READ: Benefical insects will be shipped immediately when ordered unless prior arrangements have been made with our office. Delayed shipments are not always possible. Additional shipping charges may be applied to delayed shipments.

Not available to HI or Canada.

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Biological controls have been used for thousands of years and they should be a part of your pest control program. Beneficial insects work by attacking pest insects and thus reducing their numbers. It is important to note that total elimination of pests is not required to grow good crops; it is only necessary to reduce pests below the damage threshold for the crop being grown. When using beneficial insects, it is important to avoid disruptive chemicals. Complete instructions included with each order.
All our beneficial insects are available year-round except the Praying Mantis eggs, which are not available August through December. We recommend releasing beneficial insects outdoors from April through September, based on your local weather conditions. They may be released in your greenhouse anytime.
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Highly Recommended!
Apr 21, 2015  |  By Margaret
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My garden became overrun with flea beetles after I harvested a large head of cabbage last summer. They shredded all my kale, collards and other cole crops. I even resorted to bring a hand vacuum-cleaner into the garden and vacuuming them off the plants while waiting for my order of beneficial nematodes to arrive. The nematodes were really easy to apply with a watering can, and I started noticing a smaller flea beetle population within a few days. A week or two later my plants were completely free of flea beetles and the kale, collards, etc., growing undamaged leaves again. That was last summer. This summer, I have no flea beetle problem whatsoever.
they work great
Feb 23, 2013  |  By WILLIAM
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was having a problem with colorado potato beetle nothing was working they were eating me out of house and home got the nematodes with in 2 weeks saw an improvement a month later they were not in the garden but they were all around the garden so i will say it was a success