Palco Spinach Organic

Palco Spinach Organic


38 days. We love the reliability of this quick from seed to plate spinach. Palco is adaptable to planting in both cool and warm seasons. Versatile for harvest as young, baby greens, or allowed to attain its full size. Bolt and disease resistant plants hold well in the field without flowering or succumbing to mildew. HR: DM 1-5, 8-9, 11-12, 14.

   Hybrid Variety
Approximately 80 seeds per gram.
  • SP789/L
  • 5 grams Organic
  • $3.15

  • SP789/M
  • 14 grams Organic
  • $4.75

  • SP789/N
  • 1 oz Organic
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  • SP789/C
  • 1/4 lb Organic
  • $12.05

  • SP789/E
  • 1 lb Organic
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Soil Temp for Germ.Days to EmergenceSeed DepthThin Plants ToSeed SpacingRow SpacingMin. Germ.Seed LifeSeeds per gramFertilizer Needs
45-75°F6-211/2"3-6"1"12"65%1 year≈ 80Low

Spinacia oleracea The Northwest's favorable conditions for spinach production allow us to focus our selection criteria on flavor, vigor, and bolt and disease resistance. The highest-protein vegetable, leafy spinach greens boast an unmatched, synergistic complement of vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and carotenoids that when combined, protect eyesight, help prevent the buildup of cholesterol, and target cancer-causing free radicals.

Days to maturity are calculated from date of direct seeding.

• Optimum soil pH range is 6.5-7.5
• Spinach grows best during cooler weather of early spring and fall
• Soil temperature above 80°F can cause erratic germination
• Bolting is caused by rising temperatures, day length and water stress; see specific varieties for bolt resistance
• Apply 1/2 cup of TSC's Complete fertilizer per 5 row feet, and 1 inch of compost

Direct Sowing
• For baby spinach sow 20-25 seeds per foot in a 2 inch wide furrow, in rows 6 inches apart, thin to 1 inch
• Sow July—September for a fall crop
• Sow late-August for an overwintering crop

Insects & Diseases
Common insects: Spinach leaf miners
Insect control: Spray eggs on underside of leaves with Neem oil or destroy any affected leaves and keep the surrounding area weeded
Common diseases: See chart below
Disease prevention: Plant in fertile soil and use a 3-4 year crop rotation

Harvest & Storage
• For baby greens, harvest at 3-4 inches
• Individual leaves may be harvested anytime
• Store at 36°F and 95% relative humidity

HR indicates high resistance.
IR indicates intermediate resistance.
BM | Blue Mold
CMV | Cucumber Mosaic Virus
DM* | Downy Mildew
WR | White Rust
* Numbers indicate specific disease race.
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Jun 13, 2018  |  By Susan Mitchell
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I've always been happy with seeds from Territorial but I'll give Palco Spinach a pass next time. It did have good germination, high desert frost tolerance, and robust growth, but leaf miners were a serious problem. The flavor was rather bland and a slightly bitter.
my favorite spinach
Dec 28, 2017  |  By Helen B
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This spinach grows fairly quickly with big tender leaves easy to pick and yummy and mild to eat.
Mild, performed well
Jun 18, 2015  |  By Matthew
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I'm new to growing spinach and planted this as a spring sowing. It grew quickly and gave me about 7 pounds of usable spinach from about 15 square feet of a newly prepared garden bed. My only complaints are that I found the flavor too mild, and it attracted two types of pests. Something laid tiny, white, oblong eggs on most leaves; I learned to harvest before they hatch and chew up the leaves. Numerous leaves also ended up with slimy looking spots--don't know what causes that. I used no pesticides and growth was robust enough that these problems didn't bother me.