Italian Alpine Strawberry Seed

Italian Alpine Strawberry Seed


Fragaria vesca This Italian everbearing strawberry produces aromatic, delightful, miniature berries the size of the tip of your little finger. The plant's compact growth habit produces few runners, making it an excellent edible ornamental for rock gardens, pots, and footpaths. Like wild strawberries, these deep red berries are more flavorful than their full-sized cousins. Serve over ice cream for a taste of heaven!

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Approximately 300-325 seeds per 1/8 gram.
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Fragaria vesca: The aromatic smell of fresh strawberries is a welcome sign that summer is truly here. Growing your own is fun and inexpensive, and a great project to do with children.

CULTURE: Sow indoors 2 months before your last frost date. Sow in sterile seedling mix and press into the soil firmly. Cover with paper to exclude light. Keep moist. Germination will occur in 2-3 weeks at an optimum soil temperature of 65-75°F. Up-pot at 3-4 weeks and transplant outside (8-12 inches apart) after the danger of frost has passed, or direct seed outside as soon as the soil warms.
SEED SPECS: Minimum germination standard: 60%. Usual seed life: 2 years. Approximately 300-325 seeds per 1/8 gram, about 2500 seeds per gram.