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Gro-Therm Perforated Transparent Film

Gro-Therm Perforated Transparent Film


Heat-loving plants rejoice!
Designed to warm up the growing environment for heat-loving crops like melons, eggplants, peppers, etc. Especially good in northern gardens and for very early plantings. Gardeners can expect daytime temperatures under this film to be almost 10 degrees higher than under Reemay. Gro-Therm is better than floating row covers for crops that need high light intensity and warmth. Gro-Therm's evenly spaced holes allow for consistent growing conditions. The 1 mil film has 300 holes per square yard for ventilation, eliminating the need to remove the cover on a hot day.

  • ZRC799
  • 6' x 20'
  • $14.95

  • ZRC800
  • 6' x 50'
  • $19.95
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Excellent Season Extender!
May 15, 2012  |  By JESSICA
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I have used this for 2 seasons now over hoops with garden staples in early Spring to get a head start on my Spring greens and protect my early tomato transplants and it has survived 40 mph winds, snow and 90 degree weather as well as continued poking holes in it each night when I recover the garden with it. It's still going strong and will be good for a third season and probably more. The plants never cook under it and never freeze even with late April snows. I had some tomatoes get a little frost burning on the leaves under it once but that was the night it snowed and was below 32 degrees and tomatoes are sensitive. All the other seedlings and greens under it showed no damage at all. Planted some direct sow snowpeas under it in wet cold weather in March and also planted some just outside of it not under cover. The ones under cover came up within a week and grew well. The other seeds never came up due to the damp cold weather and the ones that tried to sprout were eaten by slugs. Even with the perforations, most bugs aren't able to bother my plants and I have the most beautiful unchewed greens each Spring. The perforation also allows the ample rain this time of year to water the garden for me so I don't have to. Also, since it is clear, you can easily see your plants without having to lift the cover every day which is nice when all you want to do is a quick check without pulling the whole thing off. Can't say enough good things about this product!