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  • Black Beauty Squash Conventional & Organic

    Black Beauty Squash Conventional & Organic

    C. pepo 60 days. A great improvement over the old Black Zucchini. The 3-4 foot open bushes let you see the fruit before ... 

  • Astia Squash

    Astia Squash

    C. pepo 38 days. Kick off zucchini season early with this gorgeous, deep green squash. Eager to produce, it wastes no ti... 

  • Emerald Delight Squash

    Emerald Delight Squash

    C. pepo 50 days. A powerhouse of a squash, Emerald Delight supplies a bumper crop of dark green fruit throughout the su... 

  • Anton Squash Organic

    Anton Squash Organic

    C. pepo 47 days. A remarkably early zucchini, Anton produces uniform, cylindrical fruit with lustrous, deep green skin ... 

  • Chiffon Squash

    Chiffon Squash

    C. pepo 42 days. Chiffon looks and tastes as good as its name. Fine, white flesh is velvety smooth and tasty. We love th... 

  • Yellowfin Squash Organic

    Yellowfin Squash Organic

    C. pepo 50 days. We're very pleased to offer this superior quality, organically-produced, golden yellow zucchini that b... 

  • Cavili Squash

    Cavili Squash

    C. pepo 48 days. Is a lack of bee activity causing low squash yields? Cavili is a parthenocarpic summer squash that does... 

  • Patio Star Squash

    Patio Star Squash

    C. pepo 50 days. Bred specifically for container cultivation, Patio Star takes center stage with its attractive, compact... 

  • Tigress Squash

    Tigress Squash

    C. pepo 49 days. The first traditionally bred, virus-tolerant zucchini, Tigress produces early and prolifically for a s... 

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