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  • Swizzle Cherry & Ivory Zinnia

    Swizzle Cherry & Ivory Zinnia

    Zinnia elegans Quicken the pulse of a sunny border planting or container display with these dynamic, bicolored bl... 

  • California Giant Mix Zinnia

    California Giant Mix Zinnia

    Zinnia elegans These tall bushy plants carry masses of 5-6 inch double flowers in brilliant colors of red, yellow... 

  • Zowie! Yellow Flame Zinnia

    Zowie! Yellow Flame Zinnia

    Zinnia elegans Add some shock factor to your garden palette with this AAS winner. The 2-3 inch semi-double blooms... 

  • Jazzy Mixture Zinnia

    Jazzy Mixture Zinnia

    Z. haageana Whether you're looking to snaz up your zinnia plantings or add some spirited earth tones to fresh cut... 

  • Art Deco Zinnia

    Art Deco Zinnia

    Zinnia elegans The bold, powerful colors of this masterwork, neo-zinnia variety take charge in the flower garden... 

  • Whirligig Zinnia

    Whirligig Zinnia

    Zinnia elegans This enchanting garden zinnia is fascinating. The 2-3 inch double flowers display an attractive co... 

  • Oklahoma Mix Zinnia

    Oklahoma Mix Zinnia

    Zinnia elegans A series of 30-40 inch zinnias, Oklahoma Mix is loaded with 1 1/2-2 1/2 inch colorful blooms. We a... 

  • Cupcakes Mix Zinnia

    Cupcakes Mix Zinnia

    Zinnia elegans The frosting on the flowerpot! Cupcakes Mix is a vibrantly-colored smorgasbord of scrumptious flow... 

  • Queen Lime With Blotch Zinnia

    Queen Lime With Blotch Zinnia

    NEW! Zinnia elegans An astounding achievement in floral breeding, these unique zinnias flaunt a stunning chromatic dis... 

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