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  • Soraya Sunflower

    Soraya Sunflower

    One look at Soraya and you'll know why it was a Fleuroselect winner! Halos of luminescent orange petals surround handsom... 

  • The Joker Sunflower

    The Joker Sunflower

    This fanciful mix of semi-double and double flowers is one of the most eye-catching varieties available. Colors of red, ... 

  • Sunrich Lemon Sunflower

    Sunrich Lemon Sunflower

    All plants of this uniform selection grow at the same rate and bloom at the same height-3 1/2 feet. The beautiful 6-8 in... 

  • Sunseed Sunflower

    Sunseed Sunflower

    We recommend Sunseed specifically for its delicious sunflower seeds. It produces an abundance of large kernels that are ... 

  • Floristan Sunflower

    Floristan Sunflower

    This beautiful, bicolor sunflower is delightful in group plantings in sunny beds or borders. It is also well suited for ... 

  • Teddy Bear Sunflower

    Teddy Bear Sunflower

    Kids really fall for Teddy Bear. This unusual member of the sunflower family is unlike regular types. It has cuddly-look... 

  • Red Sun Sunflower

    Red Sun Sunflower

    The dark centers of Red Sun's 5-6 inch flowers are surrounded by glorious warm bronze-maroon petals that are yellow at t... 

  • Infrared Mix Sunflower

    Infrared Mix Sunflower

    If you like your sunflowers red, start planning your sunflower patch now. Infrared's colors range from the darkest to th... 

  • Ring Of Fire Sunflower

    Ring Of Fire Sunflower

    These beautiful flowers greet the morning sun with gleaming bicolored petals that are dark red toward the center and tip... 

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