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  • Tundra Spinach

    Tundra Spinach

    NEW! 40 days. A superior spinach for tender, succulent babyleaf crops. Tundra produces glossy dark green, semi-savoyed, oval ... 

  • Spiros Spinach

    Spiros Spinach

    56 days. Vigorous and uniform, the plants spread to 14 inches wide and 4 inches tall with dark green, Asian-type leaves.... 

  • Responder Spinach

    Responder Spinach

    42 days. Responder's strong germination, quick development and outstanding flavor really impressed us in trials. The str... 

  • Bloomsdale Savoy Spinach Conventional & Organic

    Bloomsdale Savoy Spinach Conventional & Organic

    50 days. Thick, succulent, dark-green, savoyed (crumpled) leaves are very sweet in salads. Bloomsdale is the standard fo... 

  • Olympia Spinach

    Olympia Spinach

    45 days. Probably the best and most productive dark green plain leaf spinach for year-round sowing and harvests. Within ... 

  • Lakeside Spinach

    Lakeside Spinach

    25-30 days. Here's a spinach that tops the charts in flavor, disease-resistance, uniformity and quality. Big, smooth, fl... 

  • Renegade Spinach Organic

    Renegade Spinach Organic

    42 days. Renegade offers consistent, high quality harvests for every season. A succulent spinach with fleshy, round, smo... 

  • Escalade Spinach Organic

    Escalade Spinach Organic

    43 days. Ascending to the pinnacle of quality spinach, Escalade is a multi-season crop, providing harvests of emerald gr... 

  • Corvair Spinach Organic

    Corvair Spinach Organic

    40 days. A fast-growing variety with hybrid uniformity and exceptional disease resistance. Corvair's high-yielding plant... 

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