Seed Potatoes

Seed Potatoes

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  • La Ratte Potatoes Organic

    La Ratte Potatoes Organic

    Late-season 110-135 days. This heirloom potato cultivar originated in France in the late 19th century. A fingerling type... 

  • Kitchen Garden Collection Potatoes Organic

    Kitchen Garden Collection Potatoes Organic

    Try 3 of our organically grown potato varieties. We've hand selected these varieties to give you a wide range of potatoe... 

  • Masquerade Potatoes

    Masquerade Potatoes

    NEW! Mid-season 100-110 days. A yellow-skinned spud that's all dressed up in a cloak of purple with rounded 'holes' for the e... 

  • Potato Storage Bags

    Potato Storage Bags

    Our Potato Storage Bags are made from all-natural, 10 ounce burlap (jute) and are perfect for storing everything from po... 

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