Seed Potatoes

Seed Potatoes

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  • Oca


    Oxalis tuberosa Second only to potato cultivation in South America, Oca is a tuberous crop that is as diverse as it is ... 

  • Yukon Gold Potatoes Organic

    Yukon Gold Potatoes Organic

    Early-season 70-90 days. Yukon Gold is widely acclaimed as the star of European-type golden-fleshed potatoes. Sporting a... 

  • Canela Potatoes Organic

    Canela Potatoes Organic

    NEW! Late-season 90–120 days. This gorgeous russet just begs to be baked and served steaming hot for a hearty, satisfyi... 

  • Desiree Potatoes Organic

    Desiree Potatoes Organic

    NEW! Early-season 70–90 days. A European favorite with rosy-red skin and smooth, creamy, moist, golden-colored flesh. E... 

  • German Butterball Potatoes Organic

    German Butterball Potatoes Organic

    Late-season 110-135 days. A buttery-fleshed wunderspud. German Butterball offers everything one could possibly want in a... 

  • Kennebec Potatoes Organic

    Kennebec Potatoes Organic

    Late-season 110-135 days. The uniform, oval tubers have ivory flesh and light tan skin that's thin and easy to peel, yet... 

  • Mountain Rose Potatoes Organic

    Mountain Rose Potatoes Organic

    Early-season 70-90 days. Gorgeous, rosy-skinned and fleshed tubers, these versatile, all-purpose spuds are deliciously m... 

  • Nicola Potatoes Organic

    Nicola Potatoes Organic

    NEW! Mid-season 90–110 days. A solid gold spud, Nicola's skin and flesh are yellow-gold. Plants produce heavy yields of... 

  • Purple Viking Potatoes Organic

    Purple Viking Potatoes Organic

    Early-season 70-90 days. Stunningly beautiful purple potato has flecks of pink in the skin and pure white flesh. Moist a... 

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