Row Covers and Cloches

Row Covers and Cloches

Crop or Floating Row Covers (Grow Guard 20, Reemay, Frost Blanket, and Summer Insect Barrier)
Many market growers and home gardeners from around the country plant sooner and thus harvest sooner using floating row covers. Row covers are gently placed directly on the transplants or over direct seeded rows, being careful to leave slack to allow for growth expansion as the crop develops. They protect from frosts and give earlier yields. Plants love the added warmth that the fabric provides, resulting in accelerated growth and maturity as compared to ''uncovered'' crops. Row covers freely pass air and water, requiring no special ventilation or watering. As an insect screen, floating covers work well on flying insects. Anchor with a light sprinkling of soil around the edges or use fabric staples (see ZRC746). No hoops or supports needed, it just floats on top of plants. Defeats carrot rust fly, cabbage fly, leaf miners, aphids and flea beetles. Lasts 1-4 seasons depending on its accumulated exposure to the sun.

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