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Purple veggies

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  • Pacific Purple Asparagus Crowns

    Pacific Purple Asparagus Crowns

    Dark purple spears so tender they can be enjoyed raw! Pacific Purple's quality and yields outperform most green varietie... 

  • Royal Burgundy Bean

    Royal Burgundy Bean

    60 days. This bean is absolutely gorgeous! Violet-purple outside and bright green inside, it is fun for kids to grow and... 

  • Violet Podded Stringless Bean

    Violet Podded Stringless Bean

    70 days. Like purple beans in general, Violet Podded Stringless germinates well in cool soil, and its flowers are usuall... 

  • Romano Purpiat Bean

    Romano Purpiat Bean

    60 days. Everything about this purple Romano bean is noteworthy: healthy, robust plants, deep violet stems, lilac blosso... 

  • Red Noodle Bean

    Red Noodle Bean

    90 days. Absolutely the most unusual and spectacular yard-long bean for the home garden. This standout plant is heat-tol... 

  • Velour Bean

    Velour Bean

    55 days. Standing out above all other French/filet type beans, Velour's royal, deep purple color and equally rich, satis... 

  • Early Wonder Tall Top Beet Conventional, Organic & Pelleted

    Early Wonder Tall Top Beet Conventional, Organic & Pelleted

    45 days. Early Wonder Tall Top is our most popular beet. Adaptable to all seasons, it forms 3-4 inch, deep red globes wi... 

  • Lutz Green Leaf Beet Conventional & Organic

    Lutz Green Leaf Beet Conventional & Organic

    65 days. This variety can grow 6 inches wide without becoming pithy. Lutz Green Leaf has unsurpassed storage capacity, e... 

  • Red Ace Beet

    Red Ace Beet

    55 days. The hybrid vigor of Red Ace results in better germination, faster growth in spring, more uniform red roots, and... 

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