Pac Choi

Pac Choi

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  • Ching-Chiang Pac Choi

    Ching-Chiang Pac Choi

    Brassica rapa, Chinensis Group 40 days. This early, dwarf pac choi is a real performer in the home garden. Growing to o... 

  • Chinese Pac Choi

    Chinese Pac Choi

    Brassica rapa, Chinensis Group 50 days. May be grown from early spring to late fall. Pac Choi has thick, round, medium g... 

  • Joi Choi Pac Choi

    Joi Choi Pac Choi

    Brassica rapa, Chinensis Group 45 days. Joi Choi grows amazingly large and fast compared to Pac Choi. With much darker g... 

  • Li Ren Choi Pac Choi

    Li Ren Choi Pac Choi

    NEW! 40 days. It's hard to resist this baby pac choi that reaches only about 8 inches tall and wide—the smallest and mo... 

  • Violetta Pac Choi

    Violetta Pac Choi

    Brassica rapa, Chinensis Group 30 days for baby greens, 50 days for heads. The striking appearance, crisp and sweet flav... 

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