Herbs - Organic

Herbs - Organic

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  • Aroma II Basil Organic

    Aroma II Basil Organic

    An improved selection of our gold standard in Genovese-type basil varieties, Aroma II boasts the same heavenly fragrance... 

  • Eleonora Basil Organic

    Eleonora Basil Organic

    65 days. If you're losing the battle against downy mildew in your basil patch, Eleonora can help you beat it. Bred speci... 

  • Deep Purple Basil Organic

    Deep Purple Basil Organic

    75 days. This new powerfully pigmented basil has glossy leaves and holds its vivid, purple color throughout the crop and... 

  • Sweet Basil Conventional & Organic

    Sweet Basil Conventional & Organic

    Our strain of Sweet Basil is a great culinary extravaganza, allowing several harvests over the season from 18 inch tall ... 

  • Mammoth Sweet Basil Conventional & Organic

    Mammoth Sweet Basil Conventional & Organic

    The beginnings of a culinary masterpiece! Hailed by the chefs of Italy, we bring you the largest-leaved basil we have se... 

  • Borage Conventional & Organic

    Borage Conventional & Organic

    Borago officinalis The star-like flowers can be frozen in ice for summer drinks, and the flowers and cucumber-fla... 

  • Chives Conventional & Organic

    Chives Conventional & Organic

    Allium schoenoprasum A mild member of the onion family. The leaves and pink flowers are edible and add a fresh, m... 

  • Geisha Garlic Chives Conventional & Organic

    Geisha Garlic Chives Conventional & Organic

    Allium tuberosum Bring elegance and style to the culinary herb garden or ornamental container with this attractiv... 

  • Nira Garlic Chives Organic

    Nira Garlic Chives Organic

    90 days. Allium tuberosum The most vigorous chive in our trials, Nira produces 16 inch tall tufts of flattened, d... 

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