Gourmet Greens - Organic

Gourmet Greens - Organic

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  • French Sorrel Conventional & Organic

    French Sorrel Conventional & Organic

    Rumex acetosa 60 days. Tangy lemon flavor for soups and salads. A member of the Buckwheat family and native to Europe, t... 

  • Roquette Salad Arugula Conventional & Organic

    Roquette Salad Arugula Conventional & Organic

    Eruca vesicaria 30-40 days. Can be sown from early spring through late fall. Frost-hardy and easy to grow. Long, ... 

  • Palla Rossa Special Radicchio Organic

    Palla Rossa Special Radicchio Organic

    Cichorium intybus 85 days. Gorgeous dark red leaves and uniform 5-7 inch heads make Palla Rossa Special the best ... 

  • Double Purple Orach Organic

    Double Purple Orach Organic

    Atriplex hortensis 45 days. This wonderful deep purple mountain spinach is a terrific spring green. It grows to 5 feet t... 

  • Étampes Corn Salad Organic

    Étampes Corn Salad Organic

    Valerianella locusta 50 days. Corn Salad is a hardy and delicious green known to provide nutrition through the wi... 

  • Perfection Fennel Organic

    Perfection Fennel Organic

    Foeniculum vulgare 75 days. This superior selection was developed in Europe, especially for cool northern climates. It's... 

  • Preludio Fennel Organic

    Preludio Fennel Organic

    Foeniculum vulgare 75 days. Preludio's delicately sweet, light licorice flavor is a refreshing change of pace fro... 

  • Séance Endive Organic

    Séance Endive Organic

    Cichorium endivia 75 days. This eye-catching escarole produces big, billowy heads with deep green outer leaves an... 

  • Rhodos Endive Conventional & Organic

    Rhodos Endive Conventional & Organic

    Cichorium endivia 65 days. The French refer to endive as a frisée, we just call it delectable! The delicate, extra ... 

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