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  • Shiitake Mushroom Kit Organic

    Shiitake Mushroom Kit Organic

    Indoors Lentinula edodes These mushrooms have a unique flavor and are many chefs' favorite. Our kit thrives betwee... 

  • Pearl Oyster Mushroom Kit Organic

    Pearl Oyster Mushroom Kit Organic

    Indoors Pleurotus ostreatus Bouquets of pearl-white oyster mushrooms will flourish in about 3 weeks. A 60-75°F... 

  • Lion's Mane Mushroom Kit Organic

    Lion's Mane Mushroom Kit Organic

    Indoors Hericium erinaceus This gourmet mushroom produces baseball-sized or larger clusters of icicle-like spines.... 

  • King Stropharia Mushroom Kit Organic

    King Stropharia Mushroom Kit Organic

    Stropharia rugoso-annulata These enormous, meaty mushrooms are wine colored and exceptionally tasty, offering a diverse ... 

  • Reishi Plug Spawn

    Reishi Plug Spawn

    NEW! Ganoderma lucidum For centuries, the most exalted of all medicinal mushrooms in the East, known to the Chinese as Ling ... 

  • Shiitake Plug Spawn Mushroom

    Shiitake Plug Spawn Mushroom

    Outdoors Lentinula edodes 100 inoculated wooden dowels. Shiitake mushrooms have been hailed for both their culinar... 

  • Plug Spawn Collection Mushroom

    Plug Spawn Collection Mushroom

    Outdoors For mushroom aficionados. Our plug spawn collection contains 300 inoculated wooden dowels, 100 each of Shiit... 

  • Portobello Mushroom Kit

    Portobello Mushroom Kit

    Indoors Agaricus spp. This premier mushroom prized by gourmet cooks is now ready to grow in your kitchen. Save a g... 

  • White Button Mushroom Kit

    White Button Mushroom Kit

    Indoors Agaricus spp. A longtime grocery store favorite now available in a handy terrarium kit! Fresh-picked mushr... 

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