Indigo Series Tomato Plants

Indigo Series Tomato Plants

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  • Plant-Indigo Rose Tomato

    Plant-Indigo Rose Tomato

    80 days. The 2 inch round fruit have nearly blue skin that occurs on the portion of the fruit that is exposed to light, ... 

  • Plant-Indigo Blue Berries Tomato

    Plant-Indigo Blue Berries Tomato

    75 days. Indigo Blue Berries is as appealing to the palate and eye as its name implies. Indeterminate plants produce tru... 

  • Plant-Indigo Kumquat Tomato

    Plant-Indigo Kumquat Tomato

    75 days. Indigo Kumquat the grape-type in our Indigo series. These gorgeous, 1 ounce, oval tomatoes have an intense tang... 

  • Plant-Indigo Blue Beauty Tomato

    Plant-Indigo Blue Beauty Tomato

    80 days. The biggest of the Indigo series, this meaty beefsteak slicer easily reaches a half-pound of delectable eating.... 

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