Hybrid SE/se Corn

Hybrid SE/se Corn

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  • Corn Succession

    Corn Succession

    Plant these 3 varieties at the same time and harvest an abundance of corn for about a month! Consists of 2 ounces each o... 

  • Kandy Korn Corn

    Kandy Korn Corn

    89 days. A celebrity in the field of sweet corn, Kandy Korn's tender, juicy, golden yellow 8 inch ears are packed full o... 

  • Sugar Buns Corn

    Sugar Buns Corn

    70-80 days. Sugar Buns is one of the earlier yellow gourmet SE/se types you'll pick. The 5-6 foot plants produce 7 1/2 i... 

  • Bodacious Corn

    Bodacious Corn

    80-90 days. This popular yellow variety reaches up to 7 feet tall. Bodacious features impressive 8 inch long ears with r... 

  • Delectable Corn

    Delectable Corn

    84 days. We couldn't have imagined a more appropriate name for this delicious corn. Beautifully filled-out 9 inch ears a... 

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