Hot Peppers

Hot Peppers

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  • Zavory Pepper

    Zavory Pepper

    NEW! 90 days. If you want to experience the distinctively rich and aromatic flavor of a hot pepper without the flame, we've g... 

  • Chocolate Ghost Pepper

    Chocolate Ghost Pepper

    100 days. A natural variant of the formidable Ghost chili, carefully selected for the attractive chocolate coloration of... 

  • Hot Pepper Blend

    Hot Pepper Blend

    Tongue O' Fire! A collection for gardeners who like peppers with a powerful zing. An equal blend of Long Thin Cayenne, E... 

  • Ancho Magnifico Pepper

    Ancho Magnifico Pepper

    70 days. ¡Que rico! Your chili rellenos will be the talk of the neighborhood! The largest ancho in our trials, the... 

  • Mulato Isleno Pepper

    Mulato Isleno Pepper

    76 days. A dark green pepper that matures to a rich chocolate color. Dried, they're called Anchos in Mexico. Mulato is m... 

  • Habanero Pepper Conventional & Organic

    Habanero Pepper Conventional & Organic

    Capsicum chinense 90-100 days. Habanero is about as hot as they come. When added to salsa or dip, this little pepper wil... 

  • Long Thin Cayenne Pepper

    Long Thin Cayenne Pepper

    90 days to red. Long Thin Cayenne has been a dependable producer in home gardens for years. Bushy 26 inch tall plants pr... 

  • Early Jalapeño Pepper Conventional & Organic

    Early Jalapeño Pepper Conventional & Organic

    66 days. Most familiar in their green stage, jalapeños are hottest and fully ripe when they turn red. The stocky ... 

  • Pizza Pepper Organic

    Pizza Pepper Organic

    80 days. If you like the flavor of hot peppers but not so much fire, Pizza Pepper will be a hit. It is the heaviest, mos... 

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