Herb Plants

Herb Plants

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  • Plant-Bay Laurel

    Plant-Bay Laurel

    Laurus nobilis Also called Sweet Bay, spaghetti sauce and stew aren't complete without it. The flavor imparted by the le... 

  • Plant-Catnip


    Nepeta cataria This is a long-lived perennial herb used in gardens and landscapes. The long green and white flower spike... 

  • Plant-Chamomile German

    Plant-Chamomile German

    Matricaria recutita The German-type Chamomile is the most prolific producer of flowers. They are used fresh or dried to ... 

  • Plant-Chives


    Allium schoenoprasum A mild member of the onion family. The leaves and pink flowers are edible and add a fresh, mild, gr... 

  • Plant-Lavender Richard Gray sub for Violet Intrigue uspp 15344

    Plant-Lavender Richard Gray sub for Violet Intrigue uspp 15344

    Lavandula. angustifolia One of the most lavish and powerfully perfumed lavenders available. Violet Intrigue forms a sum... 

  • Plant-Lavender Grosso

    Plant-Lavender Grosso

    Lavandula x intermedia People who grow lavender for market usually grow this variety. Grosso is used in aromatherapy o... 

  • Plant-Lavender Phenomenal

    Plant-Lavender Phenomenal

    Lavandula x intermedia This beautiful, fragrant, uniform, and disease resistant selection is especially cold-hardy, ma... 

  • Plant-Lavender Ellagance Purple

    Plant-Lavender Ellagance Purple

    Lavandula angustifolia The beauty and fragrance of lavender, but without the wait! In the first year from seed, Ellaganc... 

  • Plant-Lemon Balm

    Plant-Lemon Balm

    Melissa officinalis Rub the leaves to enjoy a burst of lemon fragrance, or use it in fresh bouquets for aromatherapy. Te... 

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