Herb Plants

Herb Plants

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  • Plant-Anise Hyssop Blue

    Plant-Anise Hyssop Blue

    Agastache foeniculum A wonderful plant that benefits the gardener and wildlife alike. Honeybees and butterflies love the... 

  • Plant-Anise Hyssop Golden Jubilee

    Plant-Anise Hyssop Golden Jubilee

    Agastache foeniculum Hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees alike all adore the 3 inch soft lavender-blue flowers that grac... 

  • Plant-Basil Mammoth Sweet

    Plant-Basil Mammoth Sweet

    Ocimum basilicum The beginnings of a culinary masterpiece! Hailed by the chefs of Italy, we bring you the largest-leafed... 

  • Plant-Basil Pesto Perpetuo

    Plant-Basil Pesto Perpetuo

    Ocimum basilicum citriodorum The beauty and flavor of this basil will earn it a prominent place in your herb garden. Not... 

  • Plant-Basil Profumo

    Plant-Basil Profumo

    Ocimum basilicum New to the market, this compact Genovese-type basil has a true, clean flavor, and the spirited aroma th... 

  • Plant-Basil Red Lettuce Leaved

    Plant-Basil Red Lettuce Leaved

    Ocimum basilicum purpurascens Basil wraps now have a bright, new look! Colossal, deep red, ruffled leaves have a delicio... 

  • Plant-Basil Sweet

    Plant-Basil Sweet

    Ocimum basilicum Our strain of Sweet Basil is a great culinary extravaganza, allowing several harvests over the season f... 

  • Plant-Basil Fairytale Ajaka

    Plant-Basil Fairytale Ajaka

    NEW! Ocimum basilicum 'Ajaka' This exciting new green basil has an attractive and shapely shrub-type habit that grows very de... 

  • Plant-Bay Laurel

    Plant-Bay Laurel

    Laurus nobilis Also called Sweet Bay, spaghetti sauce and stew aren't complete without it. The flavor imparted by the le... 

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