Grape Tomato Plants

Grape Tomato Plants

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  • Plant-Cabernet Tomato

    Plant-Cabernet Tomato

    70 days. This new indeterminate grape tomato rated very high with taste testers. Performed very well even into the cool ... 

  • Plant-Sweet Hearts Tomato

    Plant-Sweet Hearts Tomato

    73 days. The quickest way to a gardener's heart is through a tomato, and Sweet Hearts went straight for ours! Feverishly... 

  • Plant-Indigo Kumquat Tomato

    Plant-Indigo Kumquat Tomato

    75 days. Indigo Kumquat the grape-type in our Indigo series. These gorgeous, 1 ounce, oval tomatoes have an intense tang... 

  • Plant-Corbarino Tomato

    Plant-Corbarino Tomato

    NEW! 70 days. Big enough to slice and small enough to snack on right off the plant, these delicious, multipurpose grape tomat... 

  • Plant-Matthew Tomato

    Plant-Matthew Tomato

    NEW! 83 days. A flavor dynamo, these good-looking, big grape/small plum-shaped fruit offer an unsurpassable range of culinary... 

  • Plant-Montesino Tomato

    Plant-Montesino Tomato

    NEW! 60–65 days. One of the most deliciously sweet and versatile grape tomatoes we've grown, Montesino's ruby red fruit... 

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