Edible Grains

Edible Grains

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  • Yamhill Soft White Winter Wheat Cover Crop

    Yamhill Soft White Winter Wheat Cover Crop

    Triticum aestivum A dependable producer in the Northwest since the 1960s. Performs better on wet soils than othe... 

  • Full Pint Barley Grains

    Full Pint Barley Grains

    Hordeum vulgare A spring 2-row barley developed at Oregon State University, Full Pint is a shorter plant with an ... 

  • White Sonora Wheat Grains

    White Sonora Wheat Grains

    Triticum aestivum One of the oldest surviving wheat varieties known to North America. This soft white wheat grind... 

  • Pima Club Wheat Grains

    Pima Club Wheat Grains

    Triticum aestivum Steeped in history, this ancient grain traces its roots back to its arrival in North America in... 

  • Streaker Barley Organic

    Streaker Barley Organic

    NEW! Hordeum vulgare A recent development from Oregon State University, where researchers have been focused on breedin... 

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