Grafted Vegetable Plants

Grafted Vegetable Plants

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  • Plant-Grafted Triple Tomato Brandywine Red/Orange/Black

    Plant-Grafted Triple Tomato Brandywine Red/Orange/Black

    NEW! This triple-header is a guaranteed home run for tomato lovers! Three colors of our highly esteemed Brandywine grafted on... 

  • Grafted Watermelon Plant-Sugar Baby

    Grafted Watermelon Plant-Sugar Baby

    80 days. The standard of the icebox melons, Sugar Baby has been a staple at picnics for years. Vines grow to 6 feet and ... 

  • Grafted Tomato Plant-Brandywine

    Grafted Tomato Plant-Brandywine

    The quintessential heirloom and Taste-Off winner. Single variety. 85 days. This winner of Territorial Seed Company's ... 

  • Grafted Tomato Plant-Cherokee Purple

    Grafted Tomato Plant-Cherokee Purple

    85 days. Similar to red-fruited Cherokee but much darker. Vigorous indeterminate plants produce slightly flattened, 13-1... 

  • Grafted Tomato Plant-Cosmonaut Volkov

    Grafted Tomato Plant-Cosmonaut Volkov

    72 days. An out of this world tomato from the Ukraine! Cosmonaut Volkov set our taste buds flying high with its rich, de... 

  • Grafted Tomato Plant-San Marzano

    Grafted Tomato Plant-San Marzano

    78 days. The grandaddy of the San Marzano family of sauce tomatoes. This one still ranks among the richest roma types we... 

  • Grafted Tomato Plant-Legend

    Grafted Tomato Plant-Legend

    68 days. If late blight has been a problem in your garden, you should try growing Legend. Legend has shown strong tolera... 

  • Grafted Tomato Plant-Momotaro

    Grafted Tomato Plant-Momotaro

    70 days. Momotaro is one of the most popular tomato varieties in Japanese markets and for good reason. Named after a her... 

  • Grafted Pepper Plant-Wonder bell

    Grafted Pepper Plant-Wonder bell

    70 days. There seemed to be no end to the pepper production of Wonder Bell. Semi-upright plants loaded up with staggerin... 

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