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Gardener's Kitchen

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  • Fermenting Crock

    Fermenting Crock

    Natural lactic acid fermentation is one of the oldest and healthiest means of food preservation. It allows natural, bene... 

  • Replacement Gaskets

    Replacement Gaskets

    70mm gaskets fits 7 ounce Jars. 85mm gaskets fits 1/2 Liter Jar or 1 Liter Jar. 12 Pack. 

  • Mylar Food Storage Bags

    Mylar Food Storage Bags

    Food grade metalized mylar bags are used for lining food storage pails. Mylar bags create an oxygen barrier to protect f... 

  • Stove Top Popcorn Popper

    Stove Top Popcorn Popper

    Popcorn is one of life's simple pleasures. Indulge yourself and create fond family memories with this classic Stove ... 

  • Easy Spin Salad Spinner

    Easy Spin Salad Spinner

    Revolutionize the art of salad! From the company that invented salad spinners, the Easy Spin won the coveted 2004 Red... 

  • Cabbage Shredder

    Cabbage Shredder

    Crank your coleslaw and sauerkraut making into high gear with this over-sized shredder. With just a few effortless swipe... 

  • Solar Food Dryer

    Solar Food Dryer

    Zero operating costs on 100% passive solar energy. Great results can be achieved with the Solar Food Dryer's use of d... 

  • Multi Use Canner

    Multi Use Canner

    An innovation in food preservation which allows the same canner to be used for both water bath and steam canning. Constr... 

  • Stainless Steel Pail

    Stainless Steel Pail

    The uses for dairy quality stainless steel pails are endless. If you have critters, you know that durable pails are esse... 

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