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  • Sugar Ann Peas Organic

    Sugar Ann Peas Organic

    55 days. An early and easy-to-grow snap pea. The non-climbing, dwarf vines set an abundant harvest of 2 1/2 inch long, m... 

  • Oregon Sugar Pod II Peas Conventional & Organic

    Oregon Sugar Pod II Peas Conventional & Organic

    70 days. Easy to grow, non-climbing dwarf vines grow to approximately 30 inches tall and hold their pods up for easy pic... 

  • Sugar Magnolia Peas

    Sugar Magnolia Peas

    70 days. This violet-podded snap pea is more than just a looker. At 3-4 inches the pods are deliciously sweet, flavorful... 

  • Cascadia Peas Organic

    Cascadia Peas Organic

    60 days. Another great variety bred in the Northwest. This enation-resistant snap pea comes to us from Dr. Jim Baggett a... 

  • Green Arrow Peas Organic

    Green Arrow Peas Organic

    70 days. We can't say enough good things about this variety. It's a delightful heirloom with disease resistance, easy pi... 

  • Frieda Worlds Peas Organic

    Frieda Worlds Peas Organic

    75-80 days. This vigorous, tasty snow pea comes from Europe and is specifically for autumn sowing. A purple flowering va... 

  • Canoe Peas

    Canoe Peas

    70 days. Canoe packs more peas per pod than any other variety we've seen. Approximately a dozen delightfully sweet peas ... 

  • Little Snowpea White Pea

    Little Snowpea White Pea

    30 days. Pea season blasts off at breakneck speed with this incredibly early variety. Little Snowpea White starts produc... 

  • Little Snowpea Purple Pea

    Little Snowpea Purple Pea

    50-54 days. Topping out at only 24 inches tall, this dwarf snow pea is as attractive as it is tasty. A prime candidate f... 

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