Eggplant Plants

Eggplant Plants

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  • Plant-Millionaire Eggplant

    Plant-Millionaire Eggplant

    54 days. Millionaire's extra-early maturity and high productivity will make you feel like you've hit the jackpot. In our... 

  • Plant-Black King Eggplant

    Plant-Black King Eggplant

    75 days. An imperial eggplant with uniform, large, oval-shaped fruit that have vivid dark skin and superior texture. Rob... 

  • Plant-Rosa Bianca Eggplant

    Plant-Rosa Bianca Eggplant

    80-85 days. A beautiful, round Italian heirloom with a rosy pink cast over a creamy white base. Meaty flesh has a good m... 

  • Plant-Casper Eggplant

    Plant-Casper Eggplant

    70 days. This delectable ivory-white skinned eggplant is a very early producer of 5-6 inch long fruit. The flesh of this... 

  • Plant-Prosperosa Eggplant

    Plant-Prosperosa Eggplant

    75 days. A knock-out of an eggplant! This Italian heirloom forms a gorgeous, deep purple fruit with a pleated top that s... 

  • Plant-Ophelia Eggplant

    Plant-Ophelia Eggplant

    NEW! 55 days. A delightful baby eggplant. Clusters of vivid, deep purple, true egg-sized fruit have a lush, tender texture, b... 

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