Drying Tomatoes

Drying Tomatoes

Dehydrating isn't just for fruit leathers and backpackers! This time and labor saving method of food preservation has been used for centuries, and it's a powerful technique to have in your arsenal for storing your harvests. Dried veggies and fruits retain much of their flavor and nutrition content, especially when compared to canned or frozen foods. They also require far less storage space, and they are very lightweight. We dried down dozens of our tomato varieties in our commercial dehydrator, and our panel of testers scored each one. Here are the overall high scoring tomato varieties for drying. Whether you're going to rehydrate them for soup or sauce, or just eat them like raisins, we've got the tomato for you.

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  • Principe Borghese Tomato

    Principe Borghese Tomato

    80 days. In the Tuscany region of Italy, racks of this small, 1 x 2 inch, fragrant tomatoes fill backyards, to be dried ... 

  • Ranger Tomato

    Ranger Tomato

    85-90 days. Ranger made a big hit with us at our trial grounds, proving to be one of the healthiest and most productive ... 

  • Cuore Di Bue Tomato

    Cuore Di Bue Tomato

    85 days. This curious and striking tomato is guaranteed to turn heads as well as satisfy appetites. Its name is simply I... 

  • Matthew Tomato Organic

    Matthew Tomato Organic

    75 days. A flavor dynamo, these good-looking, big grape/small plum-shaped fruit offer an unsurpassable range of culinary... 

  • Montesino Tomato Organic

    Montesino Tomato Organic

    60-65 days. One of the most deliciously sweet and versatile grape tomatoes we've grown, Montesino's ruby red fruit have ... 

  • Mountain Magic Tomato

    Mountain Magic Tomato

    70-75 days. The pinnacle of flavor and eating quality, these picture-perfect fruit are brilliant red with a juicy, smoot... 

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