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  • Cloud Cauliflower

    Cloud Cauliflower

    75 days. This puffy, heavenly-white cauliflower fills a harvest window just behind our other hybrid offerings. You can c... 

  • Purple Of Sicily Cauliflower

    Purple Of Sicily Cauliflower

    90 days. Heirloom quality, exceptional flavor, super nutrition, insect resistance and astounding color all in one caulif... 

  • Amazing Cauliflower

    Amazing Cauliflower

    75 days. The name says it all! Amazing is the classic cauliflower with the hearty flavor and dense, crisp texture that g... 

  • Early Autumn Harvest Blend

    Early Autumn Harvest Blend

    Harvest runs from late August to early November. These 4 different maturity date cauliflowers will provide you with an a... 

  • Panther Cauliflower

    Panther Cauliflower

    NEW! 70-75 days. Like to try an exciting alternative to white cauliflower? Panther's stunning lime green color will add pizza... 

  • Late Autumn To Winter Harvest Blend

    Late Autumn To Winter Harvest Blend

    Harvest begins late October and continues clear into the first of April. These 4 unique English varieties were specifica... 

  • Overwintering To Spring Harvest Blend

    Overwintering To Spring Harvest Blend

    This overwintering harvest blend is the last cauliflower blend in this series to mature. Having now been in the ground f... 

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