Butterhead Lettuce

Butterhead Lettuce

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  • Milagro Lettuce Organic & Pelleted

    Milagro Lettuce Organic & Pelleted

    NEW! 65 days. Miraculous uniformity, productivity and disease resistance! This large-framed butterhead outclasses others with... 

  • Rex Lettuce Pelleted

    Rex Lettuce Pelleted

    NEW! 50 days. This compact butterhead is tailor-made for growing in a greenhouse or hydroponically. Its size, disease resista... 

  • Skyphos Lettuce Conventional & Pelleted

    Skyphos Lettuce Conventional & Pelleted

    NEW! 60 days. An astounding looking and performing lettuce, Skyphos is a gorgeous dark red butterhead with a contrasting lime... 

  • Winter Brown Lettuce

    Winter Brown Lettuce

    50-55 days. This green with reddish brown overlay lettuce forms a smaller size loose head. Very robust, Winter Brown is ... 

  • Tom Thumb Lettuce Conventional & Organic

    Tom Thumb Lettuce Conventional & Organic

    35-50 days. This unusual miniature butterhead lettuce produces heads about the size of a baseball, ideal for individual ... 

  • Drunken Woman Frizzy Headed Lettuce Organic/Biodynamic

    Drunken Woman Frizzy Headed Lettuce Organic/Biodynamic

    55 days. While we won't even venture to hypothesize where the "drunken woman" part of the name comes from, the "frizzy h... 

  • Continuity Lettuce Organic/Biodynamic

    Continuity Lettuce Organic/Biodynamic

    (Merveille des 4 Saisons) 56 days. This variety is one of the most widely grown lettuces in the world. Gardeners grow Co... 

  • Buttercrunch Lettuce Conventional & Pelleted

    Buttercrunch Lettuce Conventional & Pelleted

    48 days. Buttercrunch is similar to bibb types but with thick, juicy green leaves and a small tight head. You'll appreci... 

  • Arctic King Lettuce

    Arctic King Lettuce

    60-75 days. This butterhead is able to withstand the most severe maritime winters with only minimal cover. With light gr... 

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