Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts

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  • Rubine Brussels Sprouts

    Rubine Brussels Sprouts

    85 days. An heirloom variety not often seen in the garden. Rubine offers up a bountiful harvest of gorgeous 1-1 1/2 inch... 

  • Igor Brussels Sprouts Organic

    Igor Brussels Sprouts Organic

    200 days. Extend your Brussels sprouts harvest with this high-yielding, winter-hardy variety. Robust plants reach up to ... 

  • Franklin Brussels Sprouts

    Franklin Brussels Sprouts

    80 days. In our trials, Franklin has been the earliest maturing of all the Brussels sprouts. It has the added bonus of h... 

  • Dimitri Brussels Sprouts

    Dimitri Brussels Sprouts

    137 days. Plant in summer and you'll have fresh, sweet sprouts just in time for your holiday meals. Strong, erect plants... 

  • Autumn Harvest Brussels Sprout Blend

    Autumn Harvest Brussels Sprout Blend

    65-75 days. Sow May—June, transplant out 5-6 weeks later. This exclusive blend of three autumn maturing Brussels s... 

  • Nautic Brussels Sprouts Organic

    Nautic Brussels Sprouts Organic

    120 days. For sweet, fresh sprouts in your late autumn meals and early holiday celebrations, this selection is second to... 

  • Hestia Brussels Sprouts

    Hestia Brussels Sprouts

    100 days. Hestia's flavor, uniformity and performance are so exceptional it earned an AAS award, a very rare occurrence ... 

  • Roodnerf Brussels Sprouts

    Roodnerf Brussels Sprouts

    100 days. One of the last open pollinated varieties in existence that still retains excellent eating quality and uniform... 

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