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  • Hybrid Broccoli Blend

    Hybrid Broccoli Blend

    56-100 days. We mix 4 very flavorful, tender varieties together for a harvest period of about 2 months from a single sow... 

  • Express Broccoli

    Express Broccoli

    75 days. A champion broccoli in our spring trials, Express impressed us with its remarkably uniform plants, and magnific... 

  • Belstar Broccoli Conventional & Organic

    Belstar Broccoli Conventional & Organic

    66-75 days. Flawlessly uniform, 6-inch heads are beautiful blue-green, densely packed florets. The tightly domed heads a... 

  • Arcadia Broccoli

    Arcadia Broccoli

    70 days. We were quite impressed with Arcadia's flavorful, crisp florets and uniform heads. Home gardeners and market gr... 

  • Summer Purple Broccoli

    Summer Purple Broccoli

    60-90 days. Summer Purple was bred for late summer to autumn cropping, but we've found this variety to be very adaptable... 

  • Blue Wind Broccoli

    Blue Wind Broccoli

    60 days. Blue Wind is sure to blow you away. This extra-early maturing broccoli produces impressively large, tightly bea... 

  • Sorrento Broccoli Raab

    Sorrento Broccoli Raab

    Brassica rapa, Ruvo Group. 40 days. This is the quickest broccoli raab to mature. Sorrento has some of the largest, most... 

  • Burbank Broccoli

    Burbank Broccoli

    250 days. Burbank takes the stage for the grand finale of the sprouting broccoli harvest. This spectacular white sprouti... 

  • Rudolph Broccoli

    Rudolph Broccoli

    150 days. Now you can enjoy fresh broccoli for the December holidays with this winter sprouting variety. Rudolph is an E... 

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