All Tomato Plants

All Tomato Plants

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  • Plant-Orange Brandywine Tomato

    Plant-Orange Brandywine Tomato

    NEW! 80 days. In the true nature of the famed Brandywine name, this uniquely colored tomato boasts huge, 1 pound beefsteaks w... 

  • Plant-Sunrise Sauce Tomato

    Plant-Sunrise Sauce Tomato

    NEW! 55-60 days. A truly outstanding roma, Sunrise Sauce is incredibly early, large-fruited, productive and delicious! It's a... 

  • Plant-Ruby Crush Tomato

    Plant-Ruby Crush Tomato

    NEW! 65-70 days. We've been searching for a sweet, flavorful, determinate grape tomato for years, and finally found it! These... 

  • Plant-Artemis Tomato

    Plant-Artemis Tomato

    NEW! 65 days. Not your average cherry tomato, Artemis amazed us with its flavor. In fact, our in-house taste-testers deemed i... 

  • Plant-Sakura Tomato

    Plant-Sakura Tomato

    NEW! 55-60 days. A very reliable and forgiving cherry that's also early and tasty! Sakura's vigorous, disease-resistant, inde... 

  • Plant-Bartelly Tomato

    Plant-Bartelly Tomato

    NEW! 50 days. Bartelly produces intricate trusses that look like woven blankets of elongated, scarlet fruit. We counted one t... 

  • Plant-Damsel Tomato

    Plant-Damsel Tomato

    75 days. This pink-skinned beauty is much more than just a pretty face. Big, globe-shaped fruit absolutely burst with ju... 

  • Plant-Red Racer Tomato

    Plant-Red Racer Tomato

    70 days. One taste of Red Racer and you'll understand the skyrocketing popularity of cocktail-sized tomatoes. These AAS ... 

  • Plant-Heirloom Marriage™ Marzinera Tomato

    Plant-Heirloom Marriage™ Marzinera Tomato

    70-75 days. By crossing 2 beloved heirlooms together, the resulting cultivar bears the best qualities of both parent var... 

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