Victory Garden Seed List

List of Seeds included in Territorial's Victory Garden:

Bingo Dry Shelling Pole Beans
Provider Bush Beans
Roodnerf Brussels Sprouts
Early Wonder Tall Top Beets
Umpqua Broccoli
Derby Day Cabbage
Oxheart Carrot
Amazing Cauliflower
Golden Bantam Corn
Wautoma Cucumber
Red Russian Kale
Superschmelz Kohlrabi
Giant Musselburgh Leeks
Heirloom Blend Lettuce
Pacific Pearl Onion
Sugar Daddy Peas
California Wonder 300 Pepper
Early Jalapeño Pepper
Small Sugar Pumpkin
Easter Egg II Radish
Purple Top White Globe Turnip
Bloomsdale Savoy Spinach
Rhubarb Swiss Chard
Black Beauty Summer Squash
Bush Delicata Winter Squash
Gill’s All Purpose Tomato
Saucey Tomato
Sweet Basil
Snack Mix Sunflower

Occasional substitutions may occur within the collection.