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Yellow Multiplier Onion

Yellow Multiplier Onion


250 days. These winter-hardy bulbs have yellow skins and white flesh tinged with purple. With proper nutrition and good conditions, you can expect a cluster of 10-12 or more mild and sweet-flavored bulbs to form from a single bulb. Multiplier onions keep for 8-12 months in good storage conditions. Plants can be used as green bunching onions if pulled in the spring. Bulbs per pound: approximately 12-15.

Multiplier and Topsetting Onions are shipped only in the fall-late September or early October, depending on the season. Quantities are limited; order before September 15th for best availability.

PLEASE READ: Not available to Idaho or Canada.

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Approximately 12-15 bulbs per pound.
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Allium cepa, Aggregatum Group: Multiplier onions,also known as potato onions, form a cluster of underground bulbs from each single bulb planted. Once established in your garden, multiplier onions will improve in size and quality, and their bulbs can be replanted year after year. A great food source for the self-sufficient.

CULTURE: Plant multiplier onions in the fall as you would garlic. Plant individual bulbs 6 inches apart in the row and at a depth that allows the very tip of the bulb to lie even with the surface of the soil. A few inches of mulch or compost spread over the bulbs completes your planting. The following spring the onion will send up leaves. Be sure to remove any seed head that may want to form. Fertilize with a high nitrogen fertilizer such as Bio-fish 7-7-2 in March and again 8 weeks later. Well-drained fertile soil and regular watering during the summer produce larger bulbs.
HARVEST: Harvest typically occurs from July to August. Bulbs should be dried on racks or screens, out of direct sunlight. Select and save the biggest and best bulbs for replanting in the fall. Store bulbs as you would globe onions; inside a mesh bag in a cool, shaded, dry location.

Topsetting and Multiplier Onions are shipped only in the fall-late September or early October, depending on the season. Order before September 15th for best availability.

Sorry, not available to Idaho or Canada.