Nugget Hops

Nugget Hops


NEW! Bittering type, 13% alpha acids. High BTU, but also good as a spicy aroma hop. Great for American style ales and lagers.

Hops rhizomes are shipped end of April/beginning of May. Order early for best availability. Complete growing instructions are included with each order.

PLEASE READ: Not available to Canada.

   Full Sun
Ships end of April/beginning of May
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Plant HeightPlant SpacingHardiness ZoneBearing AgeRipening TimePollinator Required
20-25'3-5'42nd yearSeptember-OctoberNo

Humulus lupulus The pale green flowers from these attractive, agile, fast-growing vines are a key ingredient in beer making. The plants form a dense foliage screen that bursts with blooms in summer. Hop plants are very hardy perennials that require a support structure to climb. Hardy to zone 4.

Initial Instructions
Plant hops in well-drained soil, spacing them 3-5 feet apart. If drainage is a problem, plant on hills several inches higher than the soil level. Provide a support structure for the vines to climb, a trellis, fence, arbor or wall will suffice.

Water regularly during the first growing season, but do not allow the soil to become soggy. Fertilizing is not essential, but if you choose, do so early in the season with a well-balanced fertilizer. Hops reach 20-25 feet tall at maturity, dying back to the ground each winter in most climates.

Pests & Diseases
Our hops are disease-resistant. Aphids and spider mites can cause plants damage; if present, control with Neem oil or Pyrethrin.

Soil Type
Well drained loam with plenty of organic matter.

Light Requirements
Full sun.


Bloom Time

1 1/2 to 2 pounds of dried flowers.