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Tiger Fern

Tiger Fern


NEW! Nephrolepsis exaltata A long-time favorite houseplant gets a stunning makeover! This easy-to-grow Boston Fern flaunts spectacular golden striped variegation for an exotic display. Our Tiger Fern is right at home in a hanging basket or tabletop planter indoors in a sunny window or outdoors in a semi-sheltered location during the summer months in cold regions. A vigorous grower, it can reach 12-24 inches tall with gracefully cascading fronds. Hardy in zones 10a-11; bring indoors during the winter in cooler zones.

Fern plants are shipped at the end of April/beginning of May in 3 1/2 inch pots. Order early for best availability. Available only within the contiguous US.

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Ships at the end of April/beginning of May
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Initial Instructions
After unpacking, allow the plant a few days to gradually acclimate to full exposure. Select a location with bright light but some protection from hot afternoon sun. Filtered sunlight is best. The pot it arrives in will give the fern sufficient room for a while, but you can up-pot it anytime to a 6-8 inch pot. The extra room will give it the freedom to grow and make watering easier. Use a good quality potting mixture that's rich in organic matter.

Tiger Ferns thrive in containers and can be easily grown indoors year-round or taken outside during the summer months in cool zones. They prefer temperatures between 55 and 80°F. Water regularly to keep the soil moist but not soggy. Since these ferns love humidity, they'll benefit from daily misting if the air is especially dry. Fertilize lightly with a well-balanced fertilizer in early spring, once in summer, and again in the fall. As the plant grows, increase the pot size accordingly.

Size at Maturity
12-24 inches tall, 3-5 feet spread.

Pests & Diseases
Some pests such as fungus gnats, thrips, mealybugs and scale can attack plants. Use neem or insecticidal soap.

Soil Type
Well-drained soil that's rich in organic matter.

Light Requirements
Filtered sun outdoors, bright light out of direct sun indoors.