Sunset Oca

Sunset Oca


Sunset is golden-orange with purple eyes and a carroty flavor. Oca can be parboiled, roasted, baked, or served raw with salt, lemon and hot pepper sauce. It is nutritious, high in vitamins, minerals, protein and enzymes, and it's quick cooking.

Oca plants ship end of April/beginning of May. The plants are in 3 1/2 inch containers.

PLEASE READ: Available only within the contiguous US. Sorry, not available to CA.

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Ships end of April/beginning of May
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Oxalis tuberosa Second only to potato cultivation in South America, Oca is a tuberous crop that is as diverse as it is unique.

Oca has clover-shaped leaves on a compact, 10-12 inch tall plant that can spread 2-3 feet wide and tolerates a wide pH range. Grown and cultivated very similarly to potatoes, it prefers well-drained, fertile soil. Oca begins forming tubers in autumn. Can overwinter in zones 7 and above.

Harvest & Storage
In the autumn dig the tubers as you would potatoes and store in a cool, frost-free place. Sun dry the versatile tubers to bring out their sweetness. Save some tubers to replant in the spring.

More Oca Growing Information

Initial Instructions
After unpacking, allow the plant a few days to gradually acclimate to its full exposure. Plant your Oca in an area with well-drained, not soggy soil. Plants prefer partial shade and cool, damp conditions.

Oca is day length sensitive and will not start forming tubers until late fall. Keep plant well watered throughout the growing season. For highest yields, protect plants when cold weather arrives by mulching or using a season extender such as Reemay or Gro-Therm. Harvest can occur when the plant naturally dies back in November/December.

Size at Maturity
10-12 inches wide and tall.

12-16 inches.

Pests & Diseases
Oca is not bothered by pests or diseases that we know of.

Soil Type
Sandy soils are ideal but adaptable to a wide range of soil as long as it is well drained.

Oca is hardy to 0°F

Bearing Age
Year of planting

Ripening Time

2-3 pounds per plant

7-9 but tubers can be dug up and replanted in areas below zone 7.