Wonder Worm Earth Worm Castings

Wonder Worm Earth Worm Castings


NEW! A superhero for the soil!
Healthy plants start from the ground up. Making sure your soil is healthy is the first step to successful plant cultivation, and these premium earthworm castings can help build and enrich your soil. Odorless and easy to use, Wonder Worm reconditions and adds essential nutrients and beneficial life to the soil. It improves the soil structure, enhances moisture retention and aeration. Your plants will benefit from stronger root growth, improved immunities to pests and disease, reduced transplant shock, and better stress tolerance. Wonder Worm will not burn even the most delicate plants. Mix 20% of Wonder Worm with soil or growing medium, or add to furrow when transplanting. For worm tea, mix 1 pound of Wonder Worm into 15 gallons of unchlorinated water and use as a foliar spray or soil drench. Great for use on garden crops, container plantings, landscape plants, lawns and even houseplants. Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listed.

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