Territorial's Worm Power Fertilizer

Territorial's Worm Power Fertilizer


The healthier your soil, the healthier your crops.
1.5-0.7-1.5 This organic plant food consists of worm castings and worm-worked material created by Red Wigglers living in and working through high-quality feedstock. Use before planting or throughout the season to establish beneficial microbial communities that help to improve your soil. The soil-dwelling microbes break down organic fertilizers into usable forms of nutrients for plants. Along with healthy microbial populations, we've seen improved seed germination, stronger root development, better stress tolerance, and reduced transplant shock. Studies from Cornell University confirm that plants grown with this fertilizer are healthier and grow more vigorously.

One 5 pound bag contains enough to transplant or feed 160 plants (approximately 165 square feet) and one 15 pound bag contains enough to fertilize 500 square feet. Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listed.

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