Grafted Vegetable Plants

Grafted Tomato Plant-Sungold/Sweet Million

Grafted Tomato Plant-Sungold/Sweet Million


Cherry Combo--Two of the most popular Territorial cherry tomato varieties on one plant. Double variety.
Sungold's fruity or tropical flavor is a big hit with everyone who tastes it. The bright apricot-orange round globes are 1 1/4 inches across and are borne on long, 10-15 fruit, grape-like trusses. The vigorous indeterminate vines produce equally well in the field and the early spring greenhouse. F 1-2, TMV, V.
Trial ground visitors can't get enough of Sweet Million! They keep sneaking back for these flavor packed cherry tomatoes. The indeterminate 3 foot tall plants produce 1-1 1/2 inch fruit in grape-like clusters. A truss of these "two bite" size tomatoes is welcome next to any mixed greens salad. Very disease resistant. F 1-2, TMV, ToMV 0-1.

PLEASE READ: Available only within the contiguous US.

   Hybrid Variety
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What is a Grafted Plant?
Grafted vegetables are created when the top part of one plant (the scion) is attached to the root system of a separate plant (the rootstock). The rootstock contributes vigor and disease resistance while the scion is chosen for fruit flavor and quality. Grafting has been used in agriculture for centuries to improve plant health and yield (fruit trees and grape vines are two familiar examples). Grafted vegetables are currently widespread in Asia and Europe among produce growers and are gaining popularity in the US, especially with organic farmers. Our plants are grafted by hand in a unique, carefully controlled environment using innovative methods recently developed here in Oregon.

Grafted vegetables help solve common garden problems. Vigorous rootstock enables more effective uptake of water and nutrients, and increases plants' resistance to pests or disease and tolerance to temperature extremes and drought. This allows commercial growers — and now home gardeners — to plant earlier and harvest longer. Healthier, stronger plants also mean greatly reduced pesticide use and more yield. With grafted tomato plants, even gardeners in challenging climates can enjoy ample harvests of America's favorite garden crop.

Grafted plants are drop-dead gorgeous
Statuesque, strong, and loaded with flowers and fruit, they remain beautifully healthy and disease-resistant when the same non-grafted varieties oftentimes struggle.

Benefits of Grafted plants over non-grafted plants
• Better quality crops and increased fruit production
• Increased water and nutrient uptake
• Extended harvests
• Increased disease resistance including resistance to early and late blight and blossom end rot in tomatoes
• Increased overall plant vigor
• Increased tolerance to environmental stresses (extremes in heat and cold, salinity, etc.)

Our plants are available individually in 2 1/4 inch pots! At Territorial you don't have to buy 6 plants of each variety. You can mix and match your plants just the way you want.

When you order our transplants, you will receive the same quality and selection that our customers have learned to expect at our retail store. For gardeners who are pressed for time or prefer to have Territorial start their plants, our selection of vegetables, flowers, and herbs is an easy and economical way to fill your garden with summer goodness. Plants are available individually. For the best shipping value, order any combination of 6 plants.

Ship Codes
(A) Ships first half of April-Order Must Be Received By: March 1
(B) Ships last half of April-Order Must Be Received By: March 15
(C) Ships first half of May-Order Must Be Received By: April 1
(D) Ships last half of May-Order Must Be Received By: May 1
• We reserve the right to alter the shipping dates due to weather.
• Remember, plants are living things and don't always follow schedules!
• We do our best to ship strong, healthy plants right to your door on time.

Perfect Delivery Guarantee
• We guarantee your plants will arrive in perfect condition at the physical street address given on your order. Sorry, we cannot guarantee orders for which we are given an incorrect address.
• Plants are shipped Monday through Wednesday and arrive at your door Thursday or Friday of the same week. They are not scheduled for transit over a weekend.

Important Reminders When Ordering Plants From the Catalog
• Use the Plant Order Form located in the center of the catalog
• Choose a Ship Code
• Include a physical street address because plants are shipped Fedex
• Plants are available only within the contiguous US

Before shipping, each transplant is hardened-off in the crisp night air of our short season farm. When they arrive at your door, they're ready for your garden. One plant per pot.

Be sure to open your box immediately upon receipt
Upon opening the box you may notice that some of the plants appear wilted. This should not harm the plants. Water the pots and place them in a partially sunny location. If you can't plant them outside immediately, you may want to pot them into a larger container.
Because of the different growth rates of some of the varieties, you may see a difference in sizes.
Plants are shipped Monday through Wednesday and arrive at your door Thursday, Friday, or Saturday of the same week. If the box arrives after the weekend or is damaged, please call Customer Service immediately at: 800-626-0866.

If your shipment is not complete, please refer to your invoice for information regarding backorders or product that is sold out for the season.
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Aug 7, 2015  |  By Ann Thomas
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Unlike others, I've had very good experiences with this plant in 2014 and 2015. The tomatoes this year are larger and there are fewer of them, but they taste great. The plant is vigorous and healthy. Not a 5 star simply because of how different this year's tomatoes are from last year's.
Grows like crazy!
Jul 15, 2015  |  By Ari
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I've only tasted a couple tomatoes off of this plant (so far so good), but the vigor is insane - I've been hacking it back, but it's at least 8 feet tall and the biggest problem is properly supporting it. We've had great (for Seattle) tomato weather this year, but this plant has done it's part - probably 200 tomatoes on it right now. The biggest issue is figuring out which branch is growing which kind, as you need to know which are ripe when red, and which are ripe when orange. Plant one or two plants like this and your family will have more tomatoes than they can handle.
Not Great
Jan 16, 2013  |  By Mary Donnelly
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Last summer I grew a few grafted tomato plants. The single grafted plants did well but the double grafted sungold/sweet never grew very well ans produced less than conventional plants form previous years. It was in the same area of the garden so i wondered if it was a problem with the double graft. Pretty disappointing
Not sure
Aug 13, 2012  |  By Tami Nelson
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I love the grafted plants for the fussy varieties.( Brandywine) The Sungolds are not the same as my plants that I grew from seed or bought as starts. The fruit on the grafted plant are much larger(golf ball size) than the other plants. I thought this might be because of the vigorous rootstock, also the flavor is very weak. I know that the smaller fruits are always more intense but these are almost tasteless and rather mealy. I wonder if anyone else has had this issue? I will still buy grafted plants but only for the ones that are hard to grow in my area(Seattle)
Jan 29, 2012  |  By Debbie
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Thought it would be fun to try this new variety. It didn't show up on time, and i was told,"It's on it's way" more than once. When it finally arrived, it was VERY tiny, so I treated it with kid gloves. I've been growing tomatoes for 36 years, and know how to grow them well. It still wouldn't grow. For 6 weeks, it wouldn't grow! When it finally started growing (slowly and late) it was terribly straggly. I got a total of 9 tomatoes out of the entire plant! The 50 cent tomatoes I get locally do a million times better than that! I spent $11.50 on a lousy plant that didn't produce. Never again!