Potting and Seed Starting

SunBlaster 24 LED Lamp

SunBlaster 24" LED Lamp


LED lighting is leading the industry in energy efficiency and lamp longevity, and we're proud to offer an affordable LED fixture designed to fit your seedling trays. Our SunBlaster lamp is engineered to give seedlings or cuttings the light they need to support foliar growth for a strong start. Providing light without generating wasteful heat, these cool-running lamps offer extra savings by eliminating the need for additional fans or heat sinks that other conventional lighting requires. The self-ballasted lamp is configured with 48 HPF LEDs using only 24 watts for a full-spectrum, 6400K color temperature. Comes with a 6 foot power cord with in-line rocker switch and mounting clips for hanging or flush mounting the fixture. Or use the SunBlaster Universal Stand (ZGE316) for a free-standing set-up. A link cord is included, as up to 8 units can be linked in series and run from a single power cord.

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