Lion's Mane Mushroom Kit Organic

Lion's Mane Mushroom Kit Organic


Hericium erinaceus
This gourmet mushroom produces baseball-sized or larger clusters of icicle-like spines. Imparts a lobster-like flavor when cooked with butter and onions. Not only does it taste great, but legend has it that consuming Lion's Mane will give you 'steel nerves and the memory of a lion'. A 65-75°F environment is needed. Complete with instructions, the kit comes ready to use.

Note: The Lion's Mane Mushroom Kit may be held for two weeks before needing to be activated.

If this is a gift, please include a note with your order as to when you would like us to ship. If you would like to receive the kit in time for Christmas you must order before December 14th.

PLEASE READ: Available only within the contiguous US.

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• After starting the indoor kits, your first harvest of mushrooms is usually within a few weeks
• Outdoor kits may take longer to produce mushrooms
• Store kits below 50°F and above freezing, but only for a short time
• They are live products, so long delays in starting your kit may reduce your mushroom yield
• Complete instructions are included with your order