Asparagus Seed & Crowns

Jersey Knight Asparagus

Jersey Knight Asparagus


This predominately male variety yields the highest quality spears of the Jersey hybrids. Developed on the East Coast, Jersey Knight performs well all across the US. Jersey Knight is highly resistant to rust, Fusarium wilt, root rot, crown rot, and Cercospora. It is also hardy in cold winter climates where the soil freezes solid. Will overwinter to zone 3.

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Soil Temp for Germ.Days to EmergenceSeed DepthSoil Temp for Trans.Plant SpacingRow SpacingMin. Germ.Seed LifeSeeds per gramFertilizer Needs
65-80°F10-251/4"40-45°F10-15"3-6'75%3 yearsN/AHigh

Asparagus officinalis: This Mediterranean native is one of the first vegetables harvested in the spring. Asparagus is among the foods identified as having the highest levels of Glutathion (GSH), a potent anticarcinogen/antioxidant, that defends against cancer. Asparagus is easy to start from seed, but you'll get an earlier harvest from our 1 year old crowns.

• Asparagus is a hardy perennial
• The key to good production is well-prepared, deeply dug beds with lots of organic matter
• Fertilize beds early in the spring and after harvest with 1-2 cups of TSC's Complete fertilizer per 10 row feet
• Keep beds moist

Direct Sowing
• Not recommended

• Start transplants 60-90 days before your last frost
• Transplant seedlings after the danger of frost

Asparagus Root Crowns
• Plant your 1 year old crowns shortly after you receive them
• Crowns can be transplanted 4-6 weeks before last frost
• Dig a 4-6 inch trench; create a hill in the center
• Drape roots over the hill; cover roots with soil
• Fill in trench as asparagus grows
• Complete instructions are included with your order

Insects & Diseases
Common pests: Asparagus beetles and slugs
Pest control: Pyrethrin, slug traps or bait
Common diseases: Rust, Fusarium wilt, Fusarium stem and crown rot
Disease prevention: Maintaining good plant vigor

Harvest & Storage
• A moderate 2-3 week harvest can be expected from crowns in 2-3 years
• Harvest spears when they're 6-10 inches tall, cutting them off about 1 inch below soil surface
• Store at 36°F and 100% relative humidity
• To maintain perennial bed, leave smaller spears to mature into ferns which will regenerate the plant
• With each successive year, your plant productivity and harvest window will increase