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Walk-In Greenhouse

Walk-In Greenhouse


NEW! Perfect for jump-starting the season.
Our staff evaluated several home garden-sized greenhouses, and the Walk In got our vote for the best value, easiest installation, and most sturdy. You can start the growing season by propagating seeds or growing plants in this greenhouse. It is designed to give complete protection from the elements with its durable tubular frame and heavy duty greenhouse covering. Complete with 2-tier fitted shelving, a zippered front door that rolls up for easy access, and guy ropes and pegs to add extra stability. Measures 6 feet 3 inches deep, 4 feet 1 inch wide, and 6 feet 3 inches high.

The Walk-In Greenhouse is currently on order and expected to ship the week of November 24th.

   Has Extra Shipping Weight
Shipping Weight: 25 lbs
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