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Slug Barriers

Slug Barriers


Like a tiny electrical fence, no batteries required!
Easy-to-install, rain-proof, long lasting and completely non-toxic, Slug Shield creates a physical and electrochemical barrier that slugs and snails just can't cross. The Stem Barrier is a multi-strand, flexible bracelet that can be wrapped around single-stalked veggies, flowers, fruit trees and especially citrus; the Perimeter Barrier is a fine, tightly woven copper wire mesh barrier that can be installed around garden plots, raised beds, wood frames and greenhouse table legs.

2” Stem Barrier; fits plants up to 2 inches in diameter.
4” Stem Barrier; fits plants up to 4 inches in diameter.
Perimeter Barrier; includes 4 corner pieces.

  • ZIN587
  • 6 pk 4'' Barrier
  • $15.50

  • ZIN586
  • 12 pk 2'' Barrier
  • $16.50

  • ZIN585
  • 32ft Perimeter
  • $37.75
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