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Shiitake Plug Spawn Mushroom

Shiitake Plug Spawn Mushroom


Lentinula edodes
100 inoculated wooden dowels. Shiitake mushrooms have been hailed for both their culinary and medicinal benefits, and their popularity increases every year. Found primarily on thicker-barked hardwoods like oak, they also do well on hardwoods like alder, although longevity is reduced. The most substantial fruiting appears 1-2 years from inoculation.
Available only within the contiguous US.

  • XS820/C
  • 100 inoculated dowels
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The mycelium in Plug Spawn is certified organic. Inoculate stumps or logs that are not already inhabited by other fungi. It typically takes up to 12 months for your first flush of mushrooms to appear. In most climates, there is a cycle of 4-6 flushes per year.

Complete instructions included with every order. Available only within the contiguous US.