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Seed Cleaning Screens


A must have accessory when saving your own seed.
Cleaning seed is an integral part of seed saving. Our screens will make the job easy and efficient. There are basically 2 types of screens: scalpers are used to catch large debris while allowing the seed to fall through, and sieves retain the seeds while allowing dust and smaller particulates to fall through.

Our seed cleaning screens are made of perforated, heavy gauge steel and solid cedar frames. The 12 1/2 inch square frames (9 3/4 inches of screen area) are crafted to interlock snugly when stacked, permitting the scalper screen to nestle atop the sieve screen.

The holes in the screens are round. The seed listed below the screen size will fall through the screen (scalping). The screens with the smallest sized holes can be used as sieves.

3/64'' Round - Sieve screen for brassicas, carrots, endive, lettuce, and radicchio.

5/64'' Round - Scalper screen for carrots, endive, lettuce, and radicchio.

6/64'' Round - Scalper screen for broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, collards, kales, and mustards. Sieve screen for tomatoes and peppers.

7/64'' Round - Scalper screen for onions, radishes, and tomatillos.

8/64'' Round - Scalper screen for radishes and peppers.

10/64'' Round - Scalper screen for tomatoes and peppers.

20/64'' Round - Scalper screen for peas, beans, corn, and soybeans.

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Shipping Weight: 3 lbs
  • ZHG431
  • 3/64'' Round
  • $43.95

  • ZHG430
  • 5/64'' Round
  • $43.95

  • ZHG429
  • 6/64'' Round
  • $43.95

  • ZHG428
  • 7/64'' Round
  • $43.95

  • ZHG427
  • 8/64'' Round
  • $43.95

  • ZHG426
  • 10/64'' Round
  • $43.95

  • ZHG425
  • 20/64'' Round
  • $43.95
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